Due to private reasons this shop is closed until further notice.
You can get many items of the Killjoy stock here.

A little break from 11/01/2020 - 01/15/2021

I'm currently working on my master thesis. That's why I can't process any orders until January. Each order placed before 1st of November is gonna be shipped. Thanks for your understanding!

Holiday from 12/02/2019 to 12/19/2019

The shop is closed until 12/19/2019.
Feel free to order, but please keep in mind that your orders won't be processed before 12/20/2019.

If you're around check out the U.S. tour dates of Degenerated and The Retarded Rats:

06. December 2019 Los Angeles (CA)
07. December 2019 Norwalk (CA)
08. December Las Vegas (NV)

Holiday from 09/04/2019 to 09/14/2019

The shop is closed until 09/14/2019.
Feel free to order, but please keep in mind that your orders won't be processed before 09/15/2019.

Holiday from 04/24/2019 to 05/05/2019

The shop is closed until 05/05/2019 because I'm on a rockin' trip!
Feel free to order anyway, but your orders won't be processed before 05/06/2019.

If you're around check out the Japan tour dates of Degenerated, The Retarded Rats, The Psyclocks and The Gigantix:

27. April 2019 Tokyo
28. April 2019 Asikaga
29. April 2019 Mie
30. April 2019 Nagoya
03. May 2019 Tokyo - Big Rumble

01/12/2019 - New year, new music ... new shipping costs

Dyna Jets 7inch & Wi-Fi Kills/Thee Dirty Rats Split

First of all I'd like to wish all of you a Happy New Year! Might it be filled with loads of fantastic music!

Unfortunately the Deutsche Post seems not interested in supporting the never ending desire of music junkies and raised the prices for shipping. That's a bummer!

As soon as you recovered from this shock it's worth it to check out the newest items in the webshop:

Dyna Jets - The Calling 7inch

Wi-Fi Kills / Thee Dirty Rats Split - Wi-Fi Kills On The Planet Of Thee Dirty Rats 7inch.



10/17/2018 - Rusty Robots - Sweethearts, Kisses, Bloody Knives 7inch out now!

Get the newest Killjoy release!

50 yellow copies (Killjoy Records Edition) and 450 black copies were pressed. Since today they are officially available! Three old-school psycho songs of these three psychos in a manner beyond compare!

Furthermore I've added some more records from other cool labels to the webshop including a lot of stuff from Monster Mash Records, The Spacebugs, Gene Crazed, The Monstrosities and much more!!! Check it out and tell your friends!!!



07/28/2018 - Some informations about the label and the Spectre - Spectre 7inch!

Flatty left Killjoy and the pre-order for the newest release started

Some of you might have noticed that it became a little quiet around Killjoy Records. I needed some time to sort things out after Flatty left the label for personal reasons a few months ago. I'm still in the middle of this restrucutring process. So please don't worry if things sometimes take a bit longer than expected. Killjoy Records will continue!

There are some cool releases in sight you shouldn't miss and rockin' new records are going to be added to the webshop, too!

For the moment you should check out the debut record of Spectre from L.A. - blasting Oldschool Psycho stuff!
There's a grey Killjoy Records edition (limited to 50 copies) and a clear/black band edition (also limited to 50 copies; only available from the band) besides the regular black copies.
The pre-order just started today!

Release date: 08/15/2018



06/29/2018 - Holidays (in the sun) from 07/02/2018 - 07/15/2018

Please note that I'm out of town until 07/15/2018. Incoming orders will be processed from 07/16/2018.

After this little break you can look forward to some new records in the shop and the new Spectre - Spectre 7"!


05/25/2018 - Quatro - Forbidden Room MC!

Pre-order now!

The pre-order for the Forbidden Room MC of the Mexican trio Quatro just started today.
Eight Oldschool Psychobilly tracks are waiting to get blown through your tape deck!
The first 100 copies come with an exclusive guitar pick.

Release date: 05/29/2018

221.jpg  219.jpg     


05/02/2018 - New stuff!

New Psychobilly and Garage records...

...that let the needle of your record player smoulder!

The KDV Deviators - Me And Mr. Hyde 7"
The Wreck - Sailors Grave LP
The Test Pilots - Urban Mirage 10"
The Gruffs - Esmeralda 7"
The Glücks - Run Amok LP

Furthermore the Adios Pantalones - Playtime LP is back in stock!

221.jpg  219.jpg  220.jpg  227.jpg  


04/26/2018 - Surf, Surf, Surf!

Arno De Cea & The Clockwork Wizards - the complete discography

Now there are all releases of Surf legends Arno De Cea & The Clockwork Wizards available in the Killjoy shop. the newer the release the more the brutality factor grows in their music!

Surf It Up LP
Bug Terminal LP
Flash Freezing The Sun LP

Sergent Surf (Split with Demon Vendetta) MC/10"

Bronco Royal 7"



01/24/2018 - A toxic release!

The Toxenes – Hot Rod 7inch!

Out now!!!



The first releases in 2018

First of all we wish you all a slightly belated Happy New Year!

The end of 2017 and the beginning of the new year was a bit rough, but now we are proud to present the first release in 2018:

The Toxenes – Hot Rod 7inch!

It invites you to a rousing trip to rockin' garageland!

The songs were pressed on black, purple and turquoise vinyl. The purple records are limited to 50 copies and are only available from the band. The turquoise records are also limited to 50 copies and only available from us.

The pre-order already started. Releasedate: 01/24/2019

The second releas in this year will be an MC: Quatro – Forbidden Room.

Be prepared for some raw Psychobilly stuff from Mexico! The record is already in the pressing plant.


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